Wednesday, July 25, 2012


A couple of months ago I was looking online at a blog (which I can't find anymore!) and saw a wreath that the author had made. I absolutely loved it! Using her thrifty skills, she was able to make that wreath for just over $10. For a super cute decoration, that is pretty great, so I decided to make one also. 

Our last name starts with an N so that is the letter I chose to use. 

In total, this wreath ended up costing me less than $2.75!! Now that is a deal.

The actual wreath was bought from the thrift store and cost me $1 (I believe you can find them at some dollar stores as well). I also got the frame at that same thrift store for $0.50 and painted it white.  

I then went to Micheal's to get the rest of the supplies. The wooden letters there cost about $4 and although that is not a lot, I have an amazing Grandpa who I knew could make me one for free. Looking at the options for decorative things for the size of the wreath, those were also more than I wanted to spend. 

So, it turns out the only thing I did get at Micheal's was the paper to cover the letter. It was on sale and cost me $0.16. 

I called my grandpa and asked if he could cut out a letter N for me. He agreed as long as I made a pattern for him to follow. I drew a pattern, took it to him, and my N was free and perfect size for my frame. While I was there, my grandma also gave me plenty of rafia to use for tying everything together.  

The only thing left was the decoration for the side of the wreath. I didn't want to spend a lot, so I decided to give the dollar store a try. To my excitement they had several options! I picked the set I liked best, took it home and finished my wreath! It hangs outside our front door and I love it. 


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