Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ipod Armband

This weekend is the race I have been training for. I am doing the Ragnar Relay! It is going to be long and tiring, but I can't wait to join my team and make some great memories. I'm really looking forward to it.

While I run, I like to listen to music; all kinds of music. Up until last summer, I would just carry my ipod in my hand while I ran, but this made it so I didn't move my arm as much as I would have liked. With all the moving of the wires, it also made my headphones fall out of my ears too often.

This was just a hassle, so I made a simple armband. A VERY simple armband. It was a piece of elastic and a piece of fabric. I hand stitched (I didn't have a sewing machine yet) the fabric into a pocket the size of my ipod and stitched that onto the elastic which was just smaller than the circumference of my arm.  Although simple, this little armband worked great! I loved it and it was just perfect for what I needed. 

It lasted for the year, but recently started to tear. The fabric I used was a very thin cotton and all the jostling while running made some nice holes where the stitching held the elastic on. The other day I ran the longest run yet. The elastic was fine for shorter runs, but it wore on my skin during this long run.This handy little armband held up for that run, but it was time to retire it. 

With my race this weekend, I had to make a new one. I looked at the different armbands online, but didn't have the right materials to make any of them, so I came up with my own design, drew a pattern, and made my new ipod armband. 

I used the same elastic as before, but rather than elastic alone, I made a casing for it with some soft flannel. No more scrapes from that elastic! I added the pocket to the front, allowing the circle to show so that I can easily change volume, skip, or stop a song when I need to. 

I took it on my run this morning and it worked great! I am so excited for my race!


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