Monday, July 16, 2012

The Herbfarm

This is one incredible place...and not only because this is where Nathan proposed to me. This is a place to relax, be treated like royalty, and enjoy food for several hours. The Herbfarm is a sweet little restaurant located in Woodinville, WA. With the help of his dad, Nathan arranged to propose to me here, and thanks to his dad one more time, we were able to attend this great place again last weekend. What a joy that was! 

At the Herbfarm, when we arrived, we were greeted warmly and offered a glass of soda they had made. It was very delicious. We were told to look around. Both times we have been there, we have gone up to the little library they have that overlooks the dining area. It is so pleasant. Around 6:45, the owner's wife takes us on the garden tour where we get to taste, smell, and see several herbs that they will be using in the nine courses throughout the evening. 

When that is over, we are taken to our table which is set for us with a neatly folded napkin containing the menu for the night. Our menu theme was Dinner with Dinosaur's: A Fantasia of Modern Fowl. 

A waiter then comes to our table to pour the first glass. Drinks are carefully selected to match each course of the evening. We are then served our first course. Following the first course, we are introduced to all of the staff and given an explanation of the courses we will be served throughout the evening. 

With that done, the rest of the evening is a conglomeration of food, drink, social interactions, music, and relaxation. 

Every course was exquisite. It finished with a nice warm cup of mint chocolate herbal tea and some sweet little treats. By the end of the night we were full, tired, and ready for a good night of sleep. 


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