Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Knitting and Crocheting

Last fall I saw an earwarmer/headband that I loved and I wanted to make it. The only problem was that it was crocheted and I didn't know how to crochet. I didn't know how to knit either, so I decided that I was going to learn. I went to Youtube and found a video that showed step-by-step how to make the earwarmer/headband that I wanted. This video was for crocheting. My best friend and I had already collected some yarn from a thrift store, so I got a hook from my Grandma and over a long car ride, I watched the video tutorial and made the headband. I love how it turned out!

Photo by Rachel Bair Photography
Since making that headband, my crocheting has improved and I have also learned how to knit!

I have made some little shoes: 

A pair of baby girl flower sandals:

and a hat using another video tutorial (sorry, no picture)

I have recently been working on making a lot of headbands and am excited to sell them! 

As for knitting, I was taught by a woman from my hometown and she did an excellent job. I have only knitted one thing and that was the scarf that I started when I learned. It is made of a very soft yarn, so it is very comfortable. 

Luckily, I improved from when I started the scarf to when I finished. I was more careful and understood better how stitches can be easily dropped and added, which is what happened in the beginning (the left hand side).

I enjoy crocheting and knitting and find them both very relaxing. I appreciate the people who have put time into helping me learn because I know these are skills that I will use forever. 


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