Thursday, June 27, 2013

Painted Blocks

One of my best friends has a little boy who is now 18 months old! He is just the cutest and the best part is that I get to have his adorable hand-me-downs. He just recently grew out of his 12 month clothes, so I went through them and took a whole bag home for my little guy. She also gives me the toys that he doesn't play with anymore. 

One of the things that I got with the 12 month clothes were some blocks. I got 6 total. Each block had 2 letters and 4 random pictures. I wanted the blocks to just have letters, so I decided to paint them! 

I first painted all of the blocks completely white. I then wrote out the letters that were already on each block and figured out what other letters to put on the blocks in order to spell certain words and have at least one of each letter of the alphabet. 

For the sides that were pictures, I drew the letters on with a pencil. I then painted the letters and edges navy blue. 

As I said, each of the letters of the alphabet are included at least once and there are a few words that I made sure the blocks could spell. The blocks can spell BABY, NASH, and our top 3 names: LOGAN, OWEN, and ISAAC. 

Now we will be all set for whichever name we pick! I can't wait for him to come.