Friday, February 6, 2015

Quiet Book Page 18: Black and White Weave

This is the VERY LAST page of Owen's Quiet Book!! It was a "save the easiest for last" kind of page and I love it. 

Page 18: Weave

Teaches: Contrast, how to weave

My inspiration for this page came from my friends quiet book and from here. In the link, she made it so the weave is a tower, but for mine, I kept it super simple with a rectangle. 

Here is how my weave page turned out:

All I did for this page was cut up two different pieces of felt. The black I cut in strips the long way and the white I cut in strips the short way. I then placed and sewed the black strips along the top and placed and sewed the white strips along the left side. 

The strips can be un-woven and re-woven. Make this page and give it a try! It is actually a little trickier than I expected! Have fun with it.