Friday, July 18, 2014

Quiet Book Page 1: Shapes

This first page took me much longer than it should have to complete. It was the combination of getting started and not knowing exactly how I wanted to do this page that made it so time consuming. With that in mind, my first suggestion for each page is to plan exactly what you want before you do anything. 

Page 1: Shapes

Teaches: Snaps, Shapes, Colors

My inspiration for this page came from the shapes page in Sabrina's quiet book off of The Quiet Book Blog

I love how perfect all of Sabrina's pages look. The matching colors, the amazing stitching, everything! Her shapes page was my favorite that I found, so I decided to copy it to the best of my ability. 

Here is what I came up with: 

For all of my pages, I first make a general sketch of what the page would look like on letter size paper (8.5 inches by 11 inches). For these shapes, I traced Owen's shape blocks because they were just the size I needed. I then decided on the colors for each of the shapes. I cut two layers of felt and one layer of a coordinating cotton for each shape.

I machine stitched the two layers of felt together, trimmed the edges, and then added a snap to the center. 

I used Heat N' Bond Lite for the cotton shapes attached to the pages. I ironed the first side on, added the snap, then ironed it to the page. I then zig-zag stitched around the outside to keep it in place. 

I used a very thick interfacing and sharpie to write the names of the shapes. I cut them to size, wrote the shape names, and then machine stitched around the edges. 

Here is pictured how the shapes snap on to their matching cotton shape. 

And a closer picture of the outer stitching:

Below is the circle. Two layers of blue felt machine stitched together with a snap applied to both layers. My recommendation here is to trim to what you have sewn. Even if your stitching isn't perfect, the trimming will make that shape look great!

Here are four extra shapes. This was my first attempt at what I wanted to do. I cut out one layer and applied the snaps. They look pretty but are way too flimsy. 

No worries though, because they just get tucked right in to that nice little pocket at the bottom of the page as extras!

Once again, here is the page overall. Although it is not quite as pretty as Sabrina's, I love how it turned out!!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to Start a Quiet Book

I have been so excited to start a quiet book for a while now and finally got to it! I decided to make it for Owen's birthday, so I have been working like crazy to get it done. For the next few posts, I will show each page (or 2 pages if they go together), link to where I got my inspiration, talk about what I did, and hopefully inspire you to create your own book. 

The first step in creating my quiet book was getting ideas from several places. I started with the quiet book that one of my best friends made, then looked online to find even more ideas. I wrote down all the pages I thought I might like in my book, then narrowed the list down to a feasible amount. I wrote down the pages in the order I thought would flow best and came up with 18 total pages. 

I have been collecting different supplies for the past few months, knowing that I would want to make my book fairly soon. As a summary, the supplies I gathered are as follows:

1. LOTS of felt in all sorts of colors!! I got a lot from thrift stores, but also bought some from Walmart, and a few extra sheets from Joann's. I have so many different colors and a bunch of black. I love the variety and I like having the black as a go-to for backgrounds and such.
2. Different colors of thread, a sewing machine, and a sewing needle for hand stitching
3. Muslin, or other type of neutral color fabric
4. Fusible fleece interfacing
5. Snaps and snap tool, grommets and grommet tool, velcro, 1.5 inch binder rings
6. Ribbon, buttons, shoe laces, phone cord
7. Iron-on ABC's

I may have left out something, but everything will be included as the pages are posted!

For my pages, the fabric I am using is tan and medium weight. I had it in my fabric stash and it looked great, so I used it! The pages have been cut to be 10.5 inches by 12 inches. 

 After cutting out the pages, the next step was to iron on the interfacing. I decided to use thicker interfacing and just do one layer between 2 pages; so I ironed it on all left-side pages (all even-numbered pages). I labeled the pages with small numbers in the bottom right corners so I can keep track of what goes where. 

For my quiet book, I keep it together in the order it will be put together at the end. I am already having fun flipping through it and seeing how it is coming together!

If you are looking to start a quiet book, or if you just want to see mine, stay tuned over the next few weeks for some inspiration and instruction! 


Monday, July 14, 2014

Baby Boy Pajamas

In early June, Owen and I took a trip to Nevada to see my family. For those who might not know, it is HOT in Nevada! The only pajamas Owen owns are the sleeper kind with the little footies. That just wasn't going to cut it for that kind of weather. 

I told Nathan that we should probably get some cooler pajamas for the trip, and he suggested I just make some. He often suggests I make things, even random things that I honestly can't make, but this time, he was right. I definitely could make pajamas!

Using the t-shirt scraps from the quilt I made, I whipped up some pajamas!

And they were kinda crappy. I made it up as I went, not really following a pattern and using random pieces of t-shirt. The neck ended up being WAY too big, so I stitched it together in the front and back. That looked super tacky, so I added a little cougar logo which in my opinion, improved it tremendously. They still weren't great, but they would work for what we needed them for!

So here they are:

And they fit!

And he can still move and play!

Round of applause for cool (literally) pajamas!


Easter 2014

Easter was forever ago, I realize that, but I did a lot of sewing for it and thought I would write a blog post about all the outfits!

First is an idea I saw on pinterest! It was a baby girl outfit there, but I decided it was definitely able to be made into a boy version as well, so I went for it! Owen was not in the mood for taking pictures, so this is the best I got. I love how it turned out though!! 

One of my very best friends is also super crafty (see her blog here) and we decided to make shirts for each other's little guys. I used felt and puffy paint for mine and she used vinyl for hers! Looks professional right? Owen sure liked it! 

For Easter Sunday, I knew I wanted to have matching outfits for the three of us. I decided to make myself a skirt first. I didn't have any fabric I liked, so using plain white and a white and light pink plaid, I crafted some chevron fabric to use. I then used this tutorial to make my skirt. I don't have a picture of just my skirt, but it turned out cute. I loved having pockets!! If you want to know how to make the chevron, let me know and I will do a post about that. 

For Owen's outfit, I made a cute little vest with a matching bowtie. He looked adorable of course. For the vest, I drafted a pattern from a vest that he currently fit and it worked like a charm. I then added 3 buttons with button holes. 

Nathan already had a pink tie to match us, so he wore that. I loved having matching outfits! A friend of ours took some quick pictures for us and they turned out perfect. 

Happy Easter!! 


Sunday, July 13, 2014

T-shirt Quilt Part 2

Starting from where I left off last time, I had the t-shirts all cut out. From there, I then bought and ironed interfacing on the back of all the pieces made of t-shirt fabric. I already had black cotton in my fabric stash so I used that and cut strips out to go in between the t-shirt pieces. I then laid it all out and here is what I have:

Then Owen woke up, so he got to hang out in his pack-and-play!

And mostly shove his face up against the mesh and lick it. At least he was happy, right?

I decided to sew the pieces together in sections to make it so I wasn't working with one huge piece until the end. I ended up making 3 sections:

After the whole top was sewn together, I laid out the top on the back (I didn't use batting) and pinned it together to quilt it. I then rolled up the sides to start quilting from the center.

All quilted together!!

The last step was the binding. One of my best friends gave me the brilliant idea of using the back for the binding by just folding it to the front. I loved that idea because then the blanket would be soft on the edges as well as the much better for snuggling with! I folded it to the front and pinned it to the raw edges were under. 

And here is my house just after I finished the quilt. Cleaning for the day was a little lacking.

But I stitched the edges and had a finished quilt!! The mess was worth it. 
I love it and I'm excited to be able to keep the memories these t-shirts hold in a blanket forever! So fun.