Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tie a Quilt

At church this week there were a few baby quilts that had been made for charity and just needed to be tied. I have never tied a quilt before, but I thought I would try. This was the quilt I picked. I love the fabric!

I already had everything I needed:  a yarn needle and matching yarn. I am currently away for the summer, so I didn't have many color options for yarn...I apologize if the white is hard to see. 

First step was to thread the needle. I did a double strand because the yarn I used was not very thick. I pulled the yarn through the eye of the needle just a few inches on one side. At first I used a very long piece of yarn to do several stitches, but found it easier later to just make the yarn to be just longer than the width of the quilt and do one row of stitches at a time. 

I then decided on the spacing of the ties. To be honest, I didn't measure; I just eye-balled it and used buttons to keep the spacing even. 

Using my yarn needle, I went down through the top layer, batting, and backing, over just slightly, and back up through all three layers. 

I pulled my yarn all the way through until there were just a few inches left on the right side of the stitch. Without cutting I moved to the next stitch (where the next button was placed) and did the same, pulling the yarn to fit the distance between without being too tight. This was repeated until I ran out of yarn. 

Above, I have done three full rows of stitches. As mentioned above, I later found it was easier for me to do one row at a time, but you can do as much as you would like.

Next, I cut the yarn between the stitches. This will leave you with yarn going in one side of the stitch and out the other. 

The last step is to tie and cut the yarn. I did a double knot to keep it nice and secure, then pulled it out and trimmed it to a length of just a couple inches off the quilt. 

On the front, you will have several little ties of yarn and on the back, there will be small dots of yarn.

And that's it! A finished tied baby quilt!


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