Friday, January 30, 2015

Quiet Book Page 17: What Time Is It?

A lot of this quiet book was made to be educational and fun. I wanted to include a page that would teach Owen about time, so this is what I came up with from all the different pages I found. 

Page 17: What Time Is It?

Teaches: Numbers, telling time, analog and digital clocks

My inspiration for this page cam from here. Just like the rest of her quiet book, Sabrina's telling time page is perfection. I loved it, so I made mine based off of hers. My favorite aspect was that it included both analog and digital time. 

Here is my version:

As with most of my other pages, I first drew a sketch of what I wanted the page to look like, then used that as a pattern. I used puffy paint for the "What Time Is It?" and for the numbers on the analog clock. 

A grommet was put in the end of each hand of the analog clock and a button was sewn on top to allow the hands to be moved. 

I cut out little black numbers for all the possible digital combinations of time. The digital clock doubles as a pocket for all those numbers. 

My hope for this page (when Owen is older) is to be able to put a time on one of the clocks and have Owen be able to put the same time on the other clock!


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