Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Quiet Book Page 16: Make a Phone Call

At the time I was making the quiet book, Owen was just learning what a phone was. Now, phones are one of his favorite things and I am so happy that I included this page for him. 

Page 16: Make a Phone Call

Teaches: Numbers, snapping, dialing, talking on the phone

My inspiration for this page came from my friend's book and from here

Here is my finished page:

This page was pretty simple to put together. I asked my grandma to check her local thrift store for an old phone with a cord and she found one! They sent me the whole thing, so I used the cord for this page and kept the phone for Owen to play with. 

I first drew out the phone on a piece of paper and picked my felt for each piece. I did mostly hand stitching for this page and I love the look of the blanket stitch. The only tricky part about this page was sewing the cord on. It is a real cord, so the plastic was hard to get the needle through, but it worked out and it hasn't come apart yet. 

I used sew-on snaps to keep the phone piece in place. These snaps are much easier to get off than the snaps I used on my shapes page, but both kinds are good. 

This page is so simple, but Owen loves it! He picks up the phone and says, "Hello?!", then talks all sorts of gibberish until we try to talk back, which is apparently his queue to say, "Bye!!". If your little one loves phones, this would be a perfect addition to their quiet book!


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