Friday, August 29, 2014

Quiet Book Pages 10 and 11: Alphabet

Sorry I have been a little MIA lately on the blog! We have been busy with our move back to school and getting settled in. Now that we are, I am excited to get back to blogging. 

The alphabet was a must-have for my quiet book. It turned out especially perfect for Owen's name; keep reading and you will see why!

Pages 10 and 11: Alphabet

Teaches: Alphabet, letters, spelling

My inspiration for this page came from my friend's quiet book. She made her quiet book and it inspired me to make mine. She included the alphabet and I just used the same materials and technique as her. 

Here are my pages:

I first chose 3 colors I liked for the felt. I bought the iron-on letters at Walmart. I measured the letters and cut the felt squares to fit (2" by 2"). I then sewed small squares of velcro to each felt square. The letters were then ironed on. I sewed on the other side of the velcro pieces onto the pages to fit 4 letters across on the left page and 3 across on the right. 

I used all of the letters in the package, so I sewed two pieces of felt to make a large pocket to hold all of the extra pieces. With all of the extra letters and the left page having spaces for 4 letters across, Owen will be able to learn to spell his first and last names using these letters!! 

I love how these pages turned out and I hope it will help Owen learn his alphabet!!


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