Saturday, August 2, 2014

Quiet Book Page 8: Button Flowers

This was my fastest and easiest page to make. If I get the motivation, I may go back and spruce it up a bit. For now; however, it serves its purpose.

Page 8: Button Flowers

Teaches: Colors, how to do and undo a button

I saw many, many renditions of this page before and after I made it. I initially wanted to label the colors for each flower, but decided I would rather have more flowers instead. After I finished my page, a friend of mine sent an idea for a similar page that I loved, but I had already finished mine, so I didn't change it. I ended up with this: 

Each flower has a coordinating button to go on. 

For this page, I first picked through my button stash to find a button in every color. I then googled flower drawings and found one that I liked. I scaled the web page to the correct size and traced it onto plain white paper. I cut it out and used it as my pattern to cut one flower from each color of felt. I added a slit to the center of each flower and placed them on the page how I liked. Each button was hand sewn onto the page and then the flowers were buttoned on. 

As I mentioned at the top, if I get the motivation, I may spruce it up by adding another flower layer to make the flowers more sturdy. They work for now though, and Owen loves the colors!


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