Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Quiet Book Page 9: Tie the Laces!

When I was figuring out what pages to put in my quiet book, I decided I wanted the majority of them to teach something. This page with little pretend shoes is perfect for kids to learn how to tie shoes. I love it!

Page 9: Tie the Laces

Teaches: How to lace up and tie shoes

Throughout the process of making my quiet book, I was so grateful for templates to follow. They made the pages so easy to do. This was one of those template pages. I got the pattern from here and just followed all of her instructions. 

Here is my page: 

For the most part, my page is just like hers. As far as differences, I used larger grommets and I did not use glue for anything; the whole page was hand-stitched

"tie the laces" up close

I think this page turned out so cute! I look forward to when he will be able to use it.


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