Sunday, July 13, 2014

T-shirt Quilt Part 2

Starting from where I left off last time, I had the t-shirts all cut out. From there, I then bought and ironed interfacing on the back of all the pieces made of t-shirt fabric. I already had black cotton in my fabric stash so I used that and cut strips out to go in between the t-shirt pieces. I then laid it all out and here is what I have:

Then Owen woke up, so he got to hang out in his pack-and-play!

And mostly shove his face up against the mesh and lick it. At least he was happy, right?

I decided to sew the pieces together in sections to make it so I wasn't working with one huge piece until the end. I ended up making 3 sections:

After the whole top was sewn together, I laid out the top on the back (I didn't use batting) and pinned it together to quilt it. I then rolled up the sides to start quilting from the center.

All quilted together!!

The last step was the binding. One of my best friends gave me the brilliant idea of using the back for the binding by just folding it to the front. I loved that idea because then the blanket would be soft on the edges as well as the much better for snuggling with! I folded it to the front and pinned it to the raw edges were under. 

And here is my house just after I finished the quilt. Cleaning for the day was a little lacking.

But I stitched the edges and had a finished quilt!! The mess was worth it. 
I love it and I'm excited to be able to keep the memories these t-shirts hold in a blanket forever! So fun. 


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