Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to Start a Quiet Book

I have been so excited to start a quiet book for a while now and finally got to it! I decided to make it for Owen's birthday, so I have been working like crazy to get it done. For the next few posts, I will show each page (or 2 pages if they go together), link to where I got my inspiration, talk about what I did, and hopefully inspire you to create your own book. 

The first step in creating my quiet book was getting ideas from several places. I started with the quiet book that one of my best friends made, then looked online to find even more ideas. I wrote down all the pages I thought I might like in my book, then narrowed the list down to a feasible amount. I wrote down the pages in the order I thought would flow best and came up with 18 total pages. 

I have been collecting different supplies for the past few months, knowing that I would want to make my book fairly soon. As a summary, the supplies I gathered are as follows:

1. LOTS of felt in all sorts of colors!! I got a lot from thrift stores, but also bought some from Walmart, and a few extra sheets from Joann's. I have so many different colors and a bunch of black. I love the variety and I like having the black as a go-to for backgrounds and such.
2. Different colors of thread, a sewing machine, and a sewing needle for hand stitching
3. Muslin, or other type of neutral color fabric
4. Fusible fleece interfacing
5. Snaps and snap tool, grommets and grommet tool, velcro, 1.5 inch binder rings
6. Ribbon, buttons, shoe laces, phone cord
7. Iron-on ABC's

I may have left out something, but everything will be included as the pages are posted!

For my pages, the fabric I am using is tan and medium weight. I had it in my fabric stash and it looked great, so I used it! The pages have been cut to be 10.5 inches by 12 inches. 

 After cutting out the pages, the next step was to iron on the interfacing. I decided to use thicker interfacing and just do one layer between 2 pages; so I ironed it on all left-side pages (all even-numbered pages). I labeled the pages with small numbers in the bottom right corners so I can keep track of what goes where. 

For my quiet book, I keep it together in the order it will be put together at the end. I am already having fun flipping through it and seeing how it is coming together!

If you are looking to start a quiet book, or if you just want to see mine, stay tuned over the next few weeks for some inspiration and instruction! 


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