Monday, January 27, 2014

Sock Monkey

My little guy was only about 5 months old at Christmas, so I knew presents weren't going to be a huge deal for him. Even still, I wanted to do something for him. He had started playing with toys, so I found this tutorial and loved the idea of making him a sock monkey! 

I went to Walmart and got a pack of 3 cute crew socks for about $5. I had them for a couple of weeks before I finally sat down and made one. When it was finished, I was so relieved to be finished and excited with how cute it was!

 I followed the tutorial linked above; her instructions are excellent. I expected it to be a fast project, but it ended up taking about 3 hours to do. It was easy, it just took a long time because of all the hand stitching that had to be done. 

I was originally planning on making all three pairs of socks into monkeys, but decided that the one would be fine for now. 

Baby O had fun opening presents on Christmas morning. I saved his sock monkey for last and he loved it! 

He still gets so excited every time I give it to him to play with. He loves to chew on the right arm and leg. It's a great toy because when he hits himself with it or rolls over it, I don't have to worry about it hurting him. 


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