Saturday, January 18, 2014

Refrigerator Magnets

Not only do I love to make gifts, but I really love to make gifts that don't cost very much and are still awesome. This was one of those gifts. Refrigerator magnets. Because what grandma, aunt, and uncle doesn't want to have that adorable baby all over their fridge? 

The first thing I did was create the pictures. I made 2 different 4x6" pictures, each containing six 2x2" pictures. This was done in Photoshop. I started with a blank 4x6 then added my cropped pictures one-at-a-time. Lining them up was the hard part, but once the first once was made, I used that as the canvas for the second one and it went much faster. 

I then ordered 4 of each picture. I ordered these pictures through the 1-hour photo at Wal-Mart. It was less than $2 total. 

I gathered the other supplies: 
-Paper cutter
-Ritz boxes
-Double-sided tape squares
-Random business card magnets
-Hot glue

Once I had my pictures, I cut them out and separated them into their piles. I had 4 piles of 12 square pictures.

I then cut up the ritz boxes into 2x2 squares using my scissors and paper cutter. (You could use other boxes, those were just the ones I had available)

I used my sharpie to color all of the edges of the blank side of the cardboard squares. I did this because not all of my pictures and not all of my cardboard were exactly 2x2. The black edges just gave it a cleaner look.

I also used my sharpie to color the skinny edges. This also helped give a nicer and cleaner look.

 I then placed 2 double sided tape squares on the back of each photo and centered the photo on the cardboard.

The magnets were then cut just smaller than 2" to fit on the back of the cardboard. The other dimension was cut based on the strength of the magnet.

I then hot glued one magnet to the back of each picture. 

I tested all of the magnets on my fridge to make sure they worked and they did! I loved them!

I made 4 sets so I could keep one for our fridge. I think I will be making some of  these every couple of months!


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