Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mattoon Family

Let me introduce you to some of our very best friends: The Mattoons. Courtney and I hit it off with our mutual love for crafting. The best part about it is that our husbands don't mind hanging out either. :) 

Courtney has wanted to get some family pictures taken in the wheat fields, so I told her I would do some. Luckily, our baby decided he wouldn't come just yet, so the wheat had time to change and I was able to take their pictures last night. The sky was so clear and even at 7:15 pm it was still pretty bright, but we did our best and got some good shots of this adorable family. 

This is my handsome hubby who so graciously came to help. He agreed that it was a bit bright out. 

The family of 3: 

The men of the house:

Mom and Mason:

We also had help from our other great friend Nikki. She did awesome helping with the dogs and Mason, so a big thanks to her! Here is a shot of the whole family:


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