Friday, July 12, 2013

Independence Day

This year for the 4th, I decided that I wanted to fill our day with all kinds of awesome activities. We had a whole day planned, which about 75% worked out. 

We first went to a breakfast held by our church. We invited our friends to come and had fun with them, as well as with other friends and family. There was food, pony rides, and even a bounce castle. 

On our way home, I got a bit sick, so we had to cancel our trip to the river. I was a bit bummed out, but we were still able to hang out with friends and do a barbecue lunch at their house. We relaxed and talked and watched some tv. 

Around 4 we came back home and took a nap because we knew we were going to be up later to watch some fireworks. We woke up, waited just a bit, then drove out to a small town with a big firework show. We had so much fun watching the fireworks and hanging out with even more friends. 


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