Thursday, September 6, 2012

Grocery bag and hot pan holders

A while ago we had an auction at my church for the young women to raise money for their camp. There were all kinds of items donated to the auction! There was a service part as well as a food part. The services ranged from photography to homemade items to house decor. The food was a plethora of delicious baked goods.

For the auction I made a simple grocery bag holder with two matching hot pan holders. I found the fabric at a thrift store and used it to make a grocery bag holder for my mother-in-law. I had plenty left for another grocery bag holder, then just enough for two hot pan holders. 

For the grocery bag holder, I followed this tutorial

I had previously made a grocery bag holder for myself. I love having it to hold all those extra bags!

For the hot pan holders, I really just made it up as I went. It is two pieces of the same fabric, cut to be a square with a layer of batting between. I quilted the pieces together and added the border and hanger.

I thought they turned out pretty well! 


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