Friday, May 17, 2013

Diaper Bag

I can hardly believe that I only have about 8 weeks until my due date! I am so excited to meet this little guy. I have now completed my undergraduate degree and am officially a stay-at-home wife (and almost mom). 

It has been so nice to relax and just enjoy the free time I have. I have been filling it with all sorts of things including cleaning, cooking, organizing, and of course crafting! 

I still have lots on my to-do list to be ready for the arrival of our baby boy, but I have now officially completed the diaper bag! I love it even more than I thought!

This was my first time using a real pattern, but I still did not completely stick to it. The pattern was the birdie sling by Amy Butler which I borrowed from a friend. 

I initially planned on following the pattern, but as I started the project, there were some things that I knew I would like better if I changed. I still liked the general pattern, so I thought it would be a good starting point. 

Things I changed: 
1. I made the bag less deep. My mom told me that with a diaper bag that is too deep, things will just get lost, so I cut a couple of inches off the bottom of the pattern. This was a simple change that didn't have any effect on how the bag would come together other than making it less deep. 

2. The pockets on the inside. The pattern makes a panel for each side which you are told to sew down the center to divide the pocket in half. Essentially you would end up with 4 simple pockets. With this being a diaper bag, I wanted a little more versatility with my pockets. On one side, I kept the smaller panel pocket, but did not sew down the center. For the other side, I made two pockets of different sizes which are pleated at the bottom and have elastic at the top. These pockets will be perfect for bottles, but can be used for pretty much anything.

3. The gussets at the base of the bag. Rather than having rounded gussets, I made mine straight. I preferred this because the bag then has a rectangular base that will be better for holding things as well as setting the bag down. 

4. The pleats on the exterior of the bag. Instead of using several small pleats, I used four larger pleats on each side. This was another simple change that I love the look of.

5. The handle. This was a pretty big change. I cut the fabric piece for the handle in the pattern and realized it was not at all what I wanted, so I decided to just make a straight handle. I then found a picture of a different bag that I loved and saw that it had an adjustable handle. This seemed perfect for a diaper bag, so I decided to do it. I found a bag at a thrift store for $2.15 with the metal pieces I needed (score!) and was able to make the handle following the picture of the other bag. 

6. The last thing I added was a magnetic snap closure. This was actually an afterthought, but after talking to my husband, he helped me figure out how to add it in without too much re-construction. 

I'm so happy with this diaper bag and I am so glad that I took my time to make it exactly how I wanted it. It is perfect and I can't wait until I can get some good use out of it!!

Finished dimensions: 12" x 16" x 5"
Strap adjustable from total length of 32" to 54" 


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  1. thats super cute. nice job.