Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Knotted Headbands

I saw a picture of these headbands on pinterest and just loved the knot! I then found a tutorial of how to do it and made a bunch of them because they are just so easy!

I did this with a couple different fabrics...literally it takes 5 minutes to make one!
You will need: knit fabric (I used old t-shirts), something to cut with, and a hot glue gun.

First cut strips to the width you like. I did several different widths to see what I liked best, just make sure you have two of the same width.

Take two strips of the same width and pull on the ends to stretch them out. This will make them roll in.

Take the first strip and lay it in a shape as shown below, I will call it the ribbon strip. **Make sure the ends are overlapping as shown with the right over the left!

Place the second strip in a U-shape over the first strip. NOTE: The U-shape strip from here on should have the right side UNDER the right end of the ribbon strip.

Take the left side of the U-shape strip and lay it under the bottom strip as shown. 

Take the right strip and thread it through as shown: over the first, under the second, and out over the third. Make sense?

Now, pull evenly on the two ends at each side, adjusting as needed.

Pull all the way tight to make your knot!

Cut the ends to make them straight.

Cut a small rectangle, put the ends together and hot glue to hold in place. 

And that's it. Go make a bunch, wear them and give them to friends! 
Here is a picture of a sweet little one with a headband I made. Such a little cutie!


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